2050FEST’s purpose is to produce shared experience events that generate greater awareness, excitement, and funding for up and coming bio-economy thought leaders
and next-gen bio-hubs.

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We at 2050FEST believe:

• Cloud-based tools now empower working from anywhere… enabling start-ups and students to stay “local."
• Creating more regional bio-hubs will speed our time to both human and planetary health.
• Non-PhD students play a critical role in building the bioeconomy and must be welcomed into the story.
• True progress on the planet's biggest problems will require silo-breaking collaboration.


2050FEST's 365 approach will deliver the following ROI's:

• Introductions - between industry leaders and the brightest minds in each region.
• Storytelling - creating positive scientific awareness to a broader audience.
• Funding - introducing start-ups to new investors and municipalities.
• Pipeline - matching companies with customers and start-ups with cities.
• Talent -showcasing regional expertise (green collar to C-suite).


2050FEST will showcase forward-thinking municipalities which are rich in university talent, new investor interest, and offer a high quality of life.

Our programs will:

• Help scientists convey how their work will make the planet a better place.
• Showcase the benefits each city offers for start-ups and scale-up.
• Create shared experiences that focus on "talking with" versus "talking at."
• Make the students, start-ups and green-collar workers our guests of honor.


2050FEST 2050FEST is honored to serve as executive producers for Nucleate's 2023 Global Summit in San Diego, CA (August 23-25, 2023).

Nucleate personifies a win-win approach to making the planet a better place by empowering next gen biotech leaders. 

For more info on Nucleate’s amazing Activator program or Global Summit goto 

• In addition, 2050FEST will host pre-event meet-ups centered on creating local community.
• Eventually, 2050FEST intends to stage our industry awareness events in all fifty states and beyond.